5 Signs I’m Old

My age has never frightened me. I’m more than happy to disclose how old I am with no worries. I’ve been this way since young and my family can vouch for that. I still do silly things, of course. While getting old doesn’t necessarily scare me, it does shock me at times how my attitude towards things have changed.

5-signs-im-old-4KIDS DISTURB ME

I use the word ‘kids’ on anyone younger than me – that definitely means something. When there’s too much noise, yakking and whatnot I get annoyed. I compare it to ‘back in my day’ about how I was and not like them. Seeing them with their latest gadgets and their vocabulary of swearing and cursing worries me.


I enjoy food shopping, searching and trying new recipes. I like baking but I never thought I’d delve into cooking and enjoy it. It makes me happy preparing dishes for my family and them enjoying it. I like checking out health stores and stocking up on products. I keep going to the supermarkets even if I don’t need anything and just walk around, checking out items and making a mental list.


I remember how I’d wish to stay out as late as possible when I was in school. But now I want to come home at a reasonable time and get sufficient amount of sleep. I plan my meetings with my friends around it. I start my days early and actually enjoy waking up early.


It’s true. I like to think I was quite fit when I was much younger (I’m aware that I’m young even now but you know what I mean) but now I’m getting aches on my neck, shoulders, knees. I need to take it easy with my fitness because I’m apparently straining myself. (Or maybe I’m not doing it right?) I have a whole post about topical medication, so yeah.

5-signs-im-old-3QUALITY > QUANTITY

I don’t think I do that much of impulsive shopping anymore. I think about ingredients and cooking methods when ordering meals outside. I want my habits about spending money and the items I spend on to be of good quality that will last through time. I’m still figuring out my style but it has definitely matured. “Promotions/discounts” and such kinda attract me but it’s not as strong as before. This excludes stationery because stationery is awesome.

How can you tell that you’re getting old?

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