How to Get Enough Sleep?

When I was much younger, sleep was not a piority. I’d go to bed very late and wake up early for school and still feel fine. I didn’t feel any different to be honest. If anything, I felt ‘so cool’. I can function with 3 hours of sleep! But things change as you get older and by right, sleep should be a constant thing for your body, mind and soul to function to its best.

It was when I started going to work that I saw the need for a good night rest. It was a full day of work and sometimes even after 6pm. I had to get into a routine. I definitely felt fresher, well-rested and relaxed when I had my proper amount of sleep.


Get it slowly engrained in your brain that you need to start getting ready to wake up or go to bed when the time comes. You are forming a habit. Set as many alarms you need but once the habit is formed, your body will eventually wake up or feel tired around the usual time. My FitBit gentle alarms are so awesome!


I’ve heard about power naps and such. But it doesn’t really work for me. I feel angry with any amount of naps when I wake up from them. Especially because I know I won’t be able to go to bed at my usual time that night. I wake up feeling very hungry too and eat at the wrong time. With no naps, I feel excited about being able to do a lot of things. You won’t get naptime when you start work anyways.


We all know that you have to wait an hour or two before laying down after a meal/food. Work backwards from your bedtime and avoid eating two hours before that. I don’t feel as bloated or uncomfortable too. Drink water! That’s great. But I don’t do anything that requires chewing. Caffeine, sugar keeps me up too.


I’m a big believer in going to bed happy. It is so important! Solve any unhappiness you may have with your loved ones. Read happy news, watch cat-anything (my absolute favourite), journal. When you end the day happy and go to bed, you feel much better and lighter on your shoulders and heart. They say looking at your mobile screens is bad before going to bed. Its a little difficult for me but I’m trying! I do keep the brightness level to the lowest.

What are your tips?

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