Reasons Why You Must Visit Singapore

People are genuinely very impressed with Singapore and how far we’ve come. Singapore is such a fairytale story. I’m proud to be a Singaporean and I’m so happy that I was born and brought up here. So of course, I’m going to tell you to visit Singapore and enjoy it as well. I’d recommend doing a Southeast Asia Visit instead of just Singapore unless if you’re from our neighbouring countries. It just makes more sense. We are essentially an island.

Reasons Why You Must Visit Singapore 2


We are extremely tight on space. But yet we keep growing as a nation in many ways. It truly amazes me to see how much we can squeeze into a small space to cater to people and matters. Singapore has made it work and that is pretty cool.


We have three major races and religions. We thrive on the fact that we are harmonious and happy together. We are able to accommodate and compromise with each other. You get to see the influences of each other’s culture and traditions in food, fashion, architecture and more.


If you want to get to a certain place of interest, you can be assured that our public transport system will get you there. It is easy to understand, to spot and you probably won’t get lost. Even if you do, you can just end up at the interchange and move out from there. You are not going to end up in a different state/city. Being small has its perks. Talking to a cab driver would be awesome to get cool stories!


I say this only because I know my friends who enjoy the other seasons really adore that Singapore is all-time summer (mostly). Summer fashion all the time, anytime. Sure we have our rainy periods but that doesn’t get too cold either. You can seek shelter from the many malls all around you.


Need something American, British, Australian, Indian, Chinese? You can most definitely find it here. The real deal too – the major ones are much easier to find of course. It is truly fascinating to see how Singapore is seriously the melting pot of cultures, societies and communities. We are very proud of it too.

Reasons Why You Must Visit Singapore 3

Been to Singapore yet?

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